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“Merkury Service” Co. is created in 1991 and the main aim of the owners was to make a repair shop, specialized in carburettor service and repairs. This idea becomes reality in 1993. With their eager work and right attitude towards their clients, the partners in the company set the carburettor repair shop they always wanted to make. In four years time this becomes the only carburettor repair shop and diagnostics service on the territory of Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1998 because of the increasing amount of the cars to be repaired, the partners build a carburettor shop, dealing especially with carburettors parts sale. Nowadays it is a very good carburretor parts shop. Only here you can find the separate carburretor parts, like membranes, float needles, jets, dispensers, gaskets, etc. on a very reasonable prices. We are making our best to keep on storage all the parts for the 80% of the carburettors in Bulgaria. In order to keep our clients always satisfied, and also to keep their vehicles in a good condition, we started importing products which are not especially for the carburettor diagnostics and repair, but for the improving of the whole car. In order to satisfy our clients needs our company “Merkury service” became a distributor of the American companyGold Eagle. You can find detailed information about the “Gold Eagle” products on theGOLD EAGLE PRODUCTSpage.

The people working in our repair shop are high-qualified and they are very well prepared specialists not only in practice, but as well as on theory. They can also be used as advisers in buying a new car, or in solving the problems appearing in the exploitation of your vehicle. The honest and correct attitude to our clients is one of the most important things that help us service our clients best.

One of our main advantages is the equipment we have and use in the repair shop. Mostly we are using the computer stand.  This is a high-quality forth-generation product, created on the base of the processors with unique characteristics. It gives us the opportunity to diagnose the common engines, as well as the last generation injection systems with intergated control of the ignition and the fuel-dispenser system.

At the moment “Golden Merkury” Ltd. imports carburettor parts of few leading companies, choosing the best for our clients on a reasonable prices. We are trying to fill in all the empty spaces in the carburettor parts trade, and we have on storage large assortment of carburettor kits, and also 600 separate carburettor items.